No-Charge Audit & Turnkey Project Program:

Our company has extensive experience in providing a total turnkey package based on the audits we perform. We can provide a “no charge” audit of your compressed air system after we agree on the Return on Investment (ROI) that would trigger a project purchase order within 90 days after the audit is completed. For example, if you believe there are energy savings available within the current operations of your compressed air system, we could discuss and agree on an acceptable turnkey project ROI (Return on Investment) that would trigger a purchase order decision. Once we have agreed on that ROI number, we will perform a free audit on the compressed air system and attempt to identify adequate energy savings to pay for the turnkey project. Of course, we would want to pre-qualify the data from your facility prior to beginning this process.
We would normally utilize your local area contractors in order to ensure familiarity with your systems and procedures within the facility. Compressed Air Technologies would provide all services including equipment selection, purchase, installation, start-up and training under one umbrella. We would also verify the energy savings once the project is completed.

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