Compressed Air System Energy Audits

All audits include:

  • Plant wide pressure data logging for system pressure profile
  • Compressor power data logging for compressor energy consumption evaluation
  • Air flow measurement data logging for plant air flow demand evaluation
  • Points of air use evaluation and recommendations
  • Ultrasonic compressed air leak survey, detection, tagging and cataloging each leak location

You will receive a complete engineering report of our findings including an existing system overview, inefficiencies found in current system,
recommendations and solutions to optimize current system, equipment required to achieve optimized system, action plan for implementation,
and most improtantly, projected savings available with the implementation of recommendations.

  • Development of technical specifications for required new equipment
  • Solicitation of bid packages for required new equuipment
  • Commercial and technical evaluation of competitive bid response
  • Turnkey project management of new components procurement and installation
  • Training and seminars to educate company employees regarding proper compressed air system management
  • Training and programs for proper compressed air system preventative maintenance.