Why perform a compressed air audit?

Compressed Air Technologies compressed air audit services are in essence, holistic. The analysis of your facility compressed air and gases systems is all-inclusive and consists of an engineered assessment beginning at the air compressor equipment area inside your Compressed Air Technologies, Inc. facility and finishing at point-of-use consumption points.CAT engineers utilize a variety of instruments to collect data from all critical, relevant areas of the compressed air and gas systems. From air compressor blowoff loss to the cost of the always present distribution/ piping system leaks, each individual loss or inefficiency is measured, analyzed, quantified and catalogued. CAT engineers then compile all of the collected data to create a total current profile report of your facility operations including an assigned cost to each discovered inefficiency.A typical audit results in identification of 25% to 60% or more in total system operational waste, which includes energy costs, maintenance costs, and all matters related to operating your compressed gas systems. It is not unusual to discover half of what you pay for compressed air operations is wasted due to inefficient utilization and operation of this important utility.

Audits typically include an analysis of both air supply and air utilization, and the interaction between the supply and demand sides. Independent auditors should provide neutral, unbiased and commercially impartial recommendations.

Compressed Air Technologies, Inc. is an independent engineering assessment corporation focused on compressed air energy reduction. We shut off unnecessary air compressors by indentifying excessive plant air pressure, utilizing more efficient means of delivering the compressed air energy required for your critical processes, identifying leaks, analyzing your air compressor equipment and optimizing this equipment, and taking additional ations that can be further explained via our on-site presentation.

At Compressed Air Technologies, Inc. we take pride in being an environmentally oriented corporation. We typically shut down with no regard to brand of air compressor from 25% to 70% of your online horsepower, providing your company with reduced greenhouse gas emissions and overall carbon footprint.

Compressed Air Technologies, Inc also offers a 15% or Free Guarantee. We will identify a minimum of 15% in overall operational cost savings or the audit is free, less expenses. Operational costs include all expenses associated with running the compressed air systems such as maintenance, energy, rentals, etc

Benefits of a Compressed Air Energy Audit:

• Eliminate premature equipment failure.
• Substantially reduce energy costs.
• Stabilize production and product quality.
• Improve the quality of compressed air.

Compressed Air Technologies is a completely independent energy engineering company. We focus on commonly occurring issues within compressed gas systems such as:

  1. Excessive water in plant air lines
  2. Low pressure in compressed air lines
  3. Plant/instrument air leaks/ blow-offs
  4. Air compressor controls
  5. Inadequate piping
  6. Inappropriate equipment
  7. Artificial demand (use of excessive air compressor horsepower over and above the real plant requirements)
  8. Rental air compressor usage is another common sign of an inefficient compressed air system.

We will provide a detailed audit report including recommendations for correcting the inefficiencies our team identifies within the compressed air system. The report (blueprint) is extensive and the identified inefficiencies including photos, energy loss estimate, recommended equipment solutions, and the solution costs are comprehensive. A number of total system equipment recommendation scenarios and action steps will offer choice as to the level of project implementation desired. We also provide complete turnkey project services; engineering, mechanical, drawings, installation and start-up/ certification related to turnkey project requirements.