Why Choose Compressed Air Technologies?

Compressed air is an expensive utility and may be one of your largest energy consumers in your plant. In an effort to reduce operating expenses, most companies fail to exploit the potential savings associated with managing their compressed air systems. Experience tells us that you could reduce your costs by 25 - 50 %. A plant that implements a Compressed Air System management program today will not only help save the environment, it will gradually reduce operating costs while improving system performance.

  • A 1/4 inch air leak @ 100 psig over a one year three shift operation will cost over$12,000.00 per year in energy @ $0.07/kWH.
  • 10 psig pressure loss in a system will require a 5% increase in energy to compensate.
  • A poorly maintained compressor can consume as much as 15% more in energy to operate.

On average, a professionally diagnosed and executed Compressed Air Energy Audit saves a minimum of 25% in operating costs per year. This is the equivalent to $12,500.00 or more for every 100hp compressor. Compressed Air Technologies will focus on shutting off as much air compressor horsepower as possible, while still providing for redundancy and plant back up. Most plants operate 50% more air compressor horsepower than they require to manufacture their products. This is a fact gathered from over 200 system audits since 1996, and it matters little as to what product is being manufactured. Our goal is to identify all sources of wasted horsepower and provide customized solutions to make sure your plan is running efficiently. If your plant is operating any rental air compressors, it may be a sign of a compressed air system that is out of control. Let us show you how to return these excessively expensive rental machines back to their owners!