Reduce Compressed Air Energy Costs -  CAT VAC

A standard desiccant air dryer is expensive to operate, and will consume 15% of the inlet flow design to regenerate and dry the wet
desiccant. The process of regenerating is simply that heat is created as the water is liberated from the surface of the desiccant beads. A
1000 SCFM standard heatless desiccant air dryer will consume 150 SCFM utilizing this inefficient regeneration technique.

A heated blower purge desiccant air dryer is also expensive to operate, and consumes power for the heater and blower operations.
High temperature conditions within this dryer shorten desiccant and seal life, and necessitate the use of expensive high temperature filters.

The introducition of a vacuum reduces the boiling point of water, which allows regeneration to occur without heat.

A CAT engineered vacuum pump and control package upgrade will save money versus the standard heatless and heated blower purge dryer:

  1. The purge rate can be as low as 3% versus a standard desiccant air dryer purge rate
    of 15% to 20%.
  2. No need for expensive high-temperature seals.
  3. Longer desiccant life due to elimination of high temperature.
  4. Lower power costs versus heated blower purge.
  5. No need for expensive high-temperature filters.

CAT VAC Facts:

  • A CAT representative will visit your site, assess your desiccant air dryer operation and determine the cost and savings related to the addition of a vacuum assisted drying package.
  • The CAT VAC package has been successfully installed and utilized in several major plant compressed air systems around the country.
  • CAT will utilize your local contractors for installation and manage the work to completion.
  • CAT VAC systems offer the luxury of creating backup or redundancy in the drying system. In the unlikely event the vacuum system fails, the dryer can be operated in normal mode.
  • CAT VAC systems can usually be installed on ANY brand of heatless desiccant air dryer.
  • CAT VAC can usually be installed with little disruption to normal production operations.

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