What Clients Are Saying

“The overall “Compressed Air” program through Compressed Air Technologies (CAT) has been highly successful at each of our manufacturing facilities that implemented projects thru them. The stated energy reductions were met or were exceeded as a result of a turnkey project thru CAT. We were pleasantly surprised with CAT, even though they could have performed compressed air audits at all of our facilities, they chose not to. This was based on out-front data gathering and past experience which otherwise we would have tie-up plant resources with not value added. They didn’t have a problem with saying “There wouldn’t be a value to complete an audit at some facilities due to the lack of available savings”. Most vendors would have complete the audits and tried to make a project move forward. Not with CAT, they have a vested interest in helped us capture energy reduction ultimately savings from partner with us”.

Greg Scattergood
Infrastructure Program Manager
Mondel?z International